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In Loving Memory of Chad Lee Hanchett, Jul 22, 1976-Nov 23, 2013
Today we said goodbye to Chad Hanchett, Talmadge's long-time triathlon volunteer. Chad died last week from complications from gunshot wounds to his neck on Apr 25, 2013. For seven months, paralyzed from the neck, Chad maintained his valiant spirit. He came to identify with Talmadge. Through this experience, Talmadge has gained significant connections with Chad's family, especially his sisters and mother. Chad's sisters, Carie and Alisa, traveled from Texas in October to run with Talmadge at Challenged Athletes Foundation San Diego Triathlon Challenge in honor of Chad. Chad's mother, Peggy, left Chad's bedside to attend the triathlon. Alisa's brother-in-law, Jon, and Chad's friend Brian also came to run with Talmadge. Alisa's small daughters were in attendance, too, playing patiently in the sun for most of the day. Chad, you will be sorely missed. Your spirit and enthusiasm will always be remembered. Most of all, you taught us about love.
Talmadge’s Volunteer Athlete, Chad Hanchett, Injured

Last week we learned that one of Talmadge’s volunteers, Chad Hanchett, had sustained a spinal cord injury on April 25, 2013. Although the complete prognosis is still unknown at this time, this injury will most likely dramatically change life for Chad, his wife Candice, and their 11-year-old daughter Savanna.

Chad has been a marvelous cheerleader and support for Talmadge. We met Chad three years ago in 2010 at Pacific Coast Triathlon in which he was assigned to be the relay runner for Talmadge. Part of the run was on the beach, and we thought it would be extremely difficult  to push Talmadge's jogger on the sand. At the time, Chad worked for Philadelphia Insurance, which was sponsoring the race. After carefully studying Talmadge’s website, Chad insisted on pushing Talmadge's jogger, saying to push Talmadge would be a “dream come true.” It was the start of a beautiful relationship. Since then, Chad has swum, cycled, and run with Talmadge.

For the last three years, Chad has accompanied Talmadge in his one-mile swim at La Jolla Cove for Challenged Athletes Foundation San Diego Triathlon Challenge. The last two years, Chad ran with Talmadge in his jogger across the extremely hilly ten-mile course. Please view the Photo Gallery for more photos of Chad and Talmadge.

This year Chad ran with Talmadge at Bonelli in the TriEvents Championship Distance on April 7, 2013. He also took most of the photographs in this album. He had committed to running again with Talmadge on May 11 until he was sidelined with this injury.

Opportunities have been established to support Chad and his family. Please go to or for ways to help.

Chad, Candice, and Savanna, know that we are thinking about you every day. Chad, we want to do anything that will help to get you back in the game. We want to be there for you just as you have been there for us. You have helped make our lives full. Thanks for everything you’ve done!


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Not all great journeys begin with a strong and clear picture of the final destination. Sometimes people begin a journey with only a nearby destination in mind. But once they step into the road, they get a clearer view of the possibilities unseen before the start of the journey. And the farther they travel, the farther they see their journey can take them. This is the way it has been with Talmadge Atkins and his mother, Georgia, with their participation in triathlon.

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